Windows 8 Need Help Locating Modernmix Alternative


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May 7, 2013
last week i came across a website that offered a w8 add-on which was very similar to stardock's modernmix, at the same price, the type of add-on that allowed you to open modern apps in a window. i thought i had bookmarked the site but i didn't, and now for the life of me i can't find it, even tho i consider myself a pretty capable googler.

what i do remember is that it was a very professional looking site, wasn't an open source application, and when you loaded their homepage a video of their product was centered at the top of the page. i also remember that their product, along with allowing you to open modern apps in a window, also extended the desktop taskbar to the modern gui (start menu), i.e. when you were in the modern gui the desktop taskbar was visible and operable. however i don't recall if they also offered a start menu add-on as well.

anyway, i really wanted to take a closer look at this product, so any help tracking it down would be greatly appreciated. if i remember correctly i think i found the website by following a forum link to it, not sure which forum, or a link found in the discussion area of website article, not sure which article. also, it was not one of these well know add-ons (retrogui, etc.):

9 Windows Start menus for Windows 8 | Microsoft Windows - InfoWorld

Probably retroui? Does a few other things as well (alternative start menu, for one)

thanks for trying to help but, as I mentioned in my post, it's not one of the more common, better known add-ons such as retroui, sart8, modernmix, classic shell, pokki, or the others mentioned in the article i linked to (9 windows start menus for windows 8). frankly, i can't believe i can't find it, it's driving me nuts - part of the problem is that modernmix and a few others dominate searches given their popularity, i.e. if you search for "open modern apps in a window" good luck finding much more than references to modernmix.