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Windows 10 Need help moving windows boot and system files


New Member
Aug 12, 2019
I have an 85 GB HDD lying around, that I'd like to move windows boot and windows files onto, since i am running low on space on my 250 GB hdd. Is something like this possible? Is 85 GB enough to fit the windows files and bootloader onto?
Yes it would be large enough, you'd need to reinstall Windows on the smaller drive. It's not as simple as just move files.
To be honest I wouldn't put Windows on an 85GB HDD... even if you install programs on a separate drive the program data they generate and other bits you cannot prevent from being installed to your C drive will add up, along with Windows Updates and before you know it you'll be full on space. A 240GB Crucial SSD drive runs around $32 now days, would be well worth it to upgrade to. Especially if your hard drives now are spinners and not solid state, would make the computer a whole lot faster.