Need Help. New Computer Build w/ Windows 7

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OK, I let my computer run overnight to DL all of the files.

When I woke up this morning my computer had a blank screen but was still on. I already know there is a problem with hibernation/sleeping on this computer.

Anyway, while trying to install the drivers this morning i got about 5 BSODs. Only one left a dump.

Creative drivers cause problems all the time. Older Creative drivers cause problems even more. These 2 older Creative drivers are appearing in the crash dump for the camera:

OA002Vid OA002Vid.sys Fri Aug 01 05:34:52 2008
OA002Ufd OA002Ufd.sys Tue Jun 03 05:30:37 2008
I would physically remove the camera from the system and uninstall the corresponding software, at least until things are straightened out.

I've never seen this driver before out of thousands of crash dumps. Perhaps it's playing a role in things here because it has been in every dump from the beginning. I would uninstall all Apple software too until things are straightened out.

AppleCharger AppleCharger.sys Thu Apr 22 03:05:49 2010

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Just figured I'd give an update.

I RMAed my MOBO for an ASUS. Windows 7 installed fine with all 6gig of RAM. All of my driver updates were located on a thumb drive so I plugged in the thumb drive and got a BSOD. I now think I have a power supply issue.

All of my driver updates were located on a thumb drive so I plugged in the thumb drive and got a BSOD. I now think I have a power supply issue.
There is a 0 day vulnerability currently unpatched on Windows and malware is in the wild that successfully exploits this. Microsoft is working on a fix for it as we speak.

It sounds like this thumb drive may have been compromised. I would clean install Windows to a formatted partition. Low-level formatting, which basically wipes the drive beforehand, is even more recommended since malware could actually remain after a normal format. Killdisk is good to use.

Keep that thumb drive unattached from the system. Throw it away if the clean install goes well without any problems. It's not worth trying to clean or fix it if you know for a fact it has been compromised, as this "test" and possible fix may show.

Here is reference:

Microsoft Confirms Zero-Day ''Shortcut'' Exploit

Microsoft Warning Users Of Zero-Day Windows Exploit | Windows 7 News

Wouldn't it take me openning something on the thumb drive to infect my computer?

I'm talking about a complete system crash or a BSOD about a quarter of a second after the thumb drive is inserted into the USB port. The split-second the LED lights up on the drive it crashes.

Nope. The exploit works by taking advantage of the Autoplay feature as well.

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