Need help w/ WWE 2K15 game settings


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I pre-ordered WWE 2K15 on Steam Friday. It get's released this Tuesday. I need recommendations on good game settings for my pc ? Thanks everyone.


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I did a quick Google search for a graphical Tweak guide but nothing as of yet for PC. I'd wait until the release and then do another search or if your running a Nvidia card try the Geforce Experience app.


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Yeah, I did that too. I'm figuring NVidia won't add it until the next drivers and GeForce Experience are released. I don't think it's going to be a huge seller out the gate like GTA 5, where they release a new driver for it the day of it's release.
Either way, with the pc version of it, we get all the Xbox One & PS4 modes included in it. We also get all the dlc free.
I've got a Xbox 360, so I only got the dlc and modes available to it.
Now that 2K has put the WWE games back on pc, I have no needs for a Xbox One or a Xbox Live subscription.
I can pick up a blu-ray player cheaper than either Xbox One or Xbox Live would be and utilize WWE Network, Netflix and Hulu Plus! on it, for a lot less money.


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**SOLVED** I set everything to the highest settings and turned off v-sync. Graphics are fabulous. Game play need's some work by 2K Sports. Don't think I really got all the dlc for free like 2K Sports advertised through WWE's John Cena. There isn't anywhere in the pc version of the game to check, like there is in the console versions. However there's a awful lot with locks near it, in the various menu's of the game, including the actual wrestlers in the game. Pre-orders were supposed to get Hulk Hogan (2 versions) & Sting (2 versions).
They aren't listed under the the wrestlers for actual matches to play. They are listed in other menu's, though.
As far as the actual wrestler selection, that is a area 2K Sports need's to work on how they have it set up.

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