Need help with racing wheel game settings


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I just ordered a Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing wheel this morning and should have it next Wednesday or Thursday.
I also already have the Logitech Driving Force Shifter to go with it.
I was hoping someone could give me some optimal settings in-game or in the Logitech Gaming Software for the following games:
Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate w/all DLC
Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Premium w/all DLC
The Crew w/all DLC
DiRT # Complete
DiRT Showdown
Need For Speed Most Wanted w/all DLC
Need For Speed Payback w/all DLC
Also, does anybody know if I can use the racing wheel to drive the Batmobile in Batman Arkham Knight ?
Thanks everyone.


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I really want one of those....I like the feel of sitting in a car and using the steering wheel like we did back in the day at the arcades. The only reason I went to the mall back in the early 80's was for the arcade.

You have a link to to that setup?


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Yeah, I can't wait until tomorrow.
I don't care what anyone say's, car games need a wheel for steering. Controllers suck for steering.
I saw a metal mount for the wheel and shifter that I'll probably get down the road.
After this month I'm taking next month off from part buying.
From April on I'll be slowly gettimg a new X370 0r X470 motherboard, Ryzen 1700/1700X or the new Ryzen cpu's being released in April and 32GBs. of G-Skill Flare X DDR4 3200 ram (specifically for Ryzen).
That will probably fill up until around the holiday's, as each is over $300.00.
In April I need to renew my Bitdefender, too.
Yesterday I found out about a company offering a Steam key for DiRT Rally for $10.00 through PC Gamer. Pick up excellent racer Dirt Rally for $10, its lowest ever price | PC Gamer
It's normally $59.99. on Steam.
That price is only good for a few more hours, though.
I think it's only @$10.00 until 6 P.M, P.S.T./9 P.M. E.S.T.


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My wheel arrived and I'm liking it so far.
A few things I need to do now.
1. Find optimal settings for it in all my games.
2.Uninstall & Reinstall Need For Speed Most Wanted - so I can setup the wheel in it
3. Uninstall & Reinstall DiRT Showdown. It crashes since I plugged the wheel in and started the game.
4. Figure out how to get it to work in The Crew.
5. Contact Logitech Support, so I can figure out how to get my wheel and shifters led's working and I can't find a start button on the wheel. It has Xbox One buttons on the wheel, but I haven't noticed a start button on it.
After all that's done I need to enable manual transmissions in all my games, except both Need For Speed games as neither like gear shifters.


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Start is normally the xbox button


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Thanks nmsk. I'll try that tomorrow.


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Now I need to get a mounting stand for all of it down the road, so I can stop re-putting everything back in the box when I'm not using it.
That's on the back burner, though.
New cpu, motherboard and ram are next followed by a new video card, 4K or better monitor and a bigger external hdd for my backups.
Those will all easily take the rest of 2018 to have.

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