Need help with some settings

Hello, I bought a new laptop today that came with windows 8.1 and upon startup it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 and I did. It's all set up now, but there are a couple of minor annoyances that I can't find the answers to on google. There were some solutions up for windows 8.1 but not for windows 10.
1. In order to use my function keys(f1-f12) I have to press the fn key along with them. How do I disable the need of having to press the fn key in order to use the function keys?
2. How do I enable two finger scrolling with the mousepad? And how do I set it up so that when I tap it with two fingers it registers it as a right click?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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1 - there should be a setting either in the bios or in an app included with the laptop's system drivers (or both) that will let you switch whether you have to press the Fn key for F1-F12, or for the special functions (volume control, wifi toggle, etc.)

2 - Start > Settings; in the search bar, start typing "Mouse & touchpad settings" and click it when it comes up. Then click the "Additional mouse options link" to pull up the old-style Mouse Properties dialog. If it's a Synaptics touchpad (which most of them are), there will be a "Device Settings" tab with an icon on it. Click that, then click the "Settings..." button. A new dialog will open where you can configure multitouch gestures, scrolling, etc.

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