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Hello guys,
I was tryin to reinstall my windows 7. The process I generally follow is that I insert the disk, then select the C partition, delete it, format it and then reinstall 7 on it. I was trying to follow the same process yday, but there were complications. First, window cd was showing me 4 partitions, first one was 1mb, second was my C drive, 3rd and 4th were my other two I went ahead and deleted my C partition which created an unpartitioned space. So, when I tried to create a new partition in that unpartitioned space, it was giving me an error that 'already many paritions exists, so cannot create a new partition'. So, I deleted the 1mb partition which was giving me an error that 'if I delete this partition, then others MIGHT become inaccessible', but still I deleted that partition. I dont know what happened, but now I cant see any of my other partitions and I can only see one UNPARTITIONED SPACE of 320gb..I guess my data from other two drives is still there..but now I cannot access it..and if I want to install 7 on it, then I will need to create a partition in that space.. If I do that will I lose my remaining data? I really dont want to lose it..please guys..please help me..what shall I do now?


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What else have you been doing with the drive, Linux? Any chance this situation is involved with a UEFI system?

The reason I ask is because when I was setting up Linux on a GPT drive, it added a 1 mb partition which I believe was actually the partition table area. Deleting it may have messed up the MBR install.

You may be able to fix it depending on your exact situation by rebuilding the MBR or maybe chkdsk, hard to say.

If that doesn't work you might want to try downloading and burning Partition Wizard to attempt repairing the table. It has a bootable free Home edition you might be able to use.

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