Need help with tranfer my windows 7 drive to a diffrent drive

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    Need help with tranfer my windows 7 drive to a different drive

    I have 2 drives: c: which contains the windows and d: for everything else.
    1. I've used "backup and restore" and created drive image on a usb hard-drive.
    2. i've formated drive c: booted with "ubuntu" and copied all my flies to c:
    3. i've booted with windows 7 installation disk and started "recover my computer".
    4. the image i've created (that i have on the usb drive) successfully recognized.

    now, to the problem. as I mentioned, i want to restore windows 7 on my d: drive but anything I tried failed.
    when the 2 drives were connected together i excluded drive c: (because i want all the files in this drive) but it could't install and it told me it failed.

    I've tried keeping only one drive connected (the one i want to install windows on it) - failed. it told me that a drive with the backup information is missing.

    i tried to exchange the connection of the drives (sata0 <--> sata1) - still not working.

    finally i had no choice and I restore everything like it was before - this was the only thing to start windows again.
    so eventually I didn't do anything, back to normal.

    please help me understand what went wrong.
    drive d: (the one I want to transfer windows into) is not empty, maybe I should format it or delete the partition to make unallocated space?

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