Need Help with Windows 7 Home Premium Boot

I have a Dell Studio 15 with Core i7 740 processor, 4 GB RAM and 500g HDD.

Windows 7 Home Premium Factory Installed

I have installed Linux Mint 10 last month and everything was so fine. I have deleted the Linux Partition by mistake and my default boot was using GRUB.

So i got a GRUB error when i restarted my system and so i loaded my system with a FreeDOS LiveCD and ran "fdisk /mbr" command to fix my Master Boot Record.

GRUB has got removed, But windows 7 is booting up and it is showing error and prompts me to load Windows 7 CD/DVD

I have misplaced my Windows 7 recovery Disk, My BAD.

What are my other options and how to fix this?? Please help.

P.S. I tried hitting F8 to get into advanced options, No Luck:-(

I am unable to get access to my Windows and it is halted before booting up and I do not have a recovery disc too:-(

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