Need review of .bat for running old software on Win7 (64)

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    Im try to run an older version of Photoshop (I have the license to this one) but explore is locking me out. I have run similar bats for playing older cd based games - this is my first time trying it as an only harddrive based file. I just want explorer to go away when I start the program and return when I close the program.

    The "exe" I want to runs is within:
    Drive= c:\
    folder = software
    sub folder = Photoshop 5.5
    exe name = Photoshp.exe

    Code as I have it:

    TASKKILL /F /IM "explorer.exe"
    start /w C:\"Software"\Photoshop 5.5\Photoshp.exe
    start C:\Windows\explorer.exe

    Saved as = PH55.bat

    If I could get some feed back before I run it and other ideas I could use to help. Thank You!
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