Need to allow one single user control at logon

In the attached screenshot you can see what pops up every time this new user logs in to our local network domain. The server name is "goodbuddy" on "TRUCKERSREPORT" domain and it seems to be running some kind of setup right at login every time. I don't want to allow this user admin rights for program changes, but i need to make it so an administrator doesn't have to enter their credentials in this every time this user logs into their computer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Turns out Windows 8.1 no longer needed this script, so I turned it off.


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The user needs permission to join your domain and that can (in fact, should) also be done from the server end. The three basic models are;

1. All users need admin password to join (default) server… this is designed for small office setup that typically have a supervisor there whom can type in the password without disrupting the work flow too badly.

2. Everyone can join as they please… this is not very secure and only used for testing or on domains with non-windows systems connected to windows systems.

Note that a workgroup is not the same thing although you could set it to this type of access.

3. Trusted users as defined from the server… basically a list of people that can join the domain without needing to supply the password. This list is normally user name but could also be computer name, ip address or even the mac address… an example of this system is an internet broadband service provider that allows you to connect to their server without logging in because they recognise your house modem.

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