Windows 7 .NET Framework 3.5 installation from microsoft's online full package


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If the .NET Framework (2.0-3.5) is messed up somehow and system restore doesn't work, the obvious solution is to download it from Microsoft website and install thereafter. There are other ways too. But the downloaded full package (about 197MB in size) failed to install. A search here and there revealed that to allow windows update to download it after tuning the programs and features, solves the problem, sure it does. But what about the full package that was downloaded? This is also evident in W8 where after full OS reinstallation, the package cannot be installed. It has to be done through windows update. Any known solutions regarding the package installation?
You get any messages about the failed install? My experience with .NET is that you need to build it, bit by bit. Not sure though.
Indeed. When I try to install the downloaded package, it says it needs .NET framework to install. In simple terms, .NET framework installation needs the existence of .NET framework to work! And don't know about the "bit by bit" build. Still searching for solutions.....