Windows 7 Netflix Siverlight Player forMedia center


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May 30, 2009
Netflix has told me that Mirosoft is in charge of Releasing the Netflix Player for Widows 7. So why are they so silent on this Matter? This is the only reason I have not switch my Home Theaer PC to Windows 7. The PC that I'm running Windows 7 has everything eles as a go to install this on my HTPC. But I will not give up my new Netflix Player.

I gave the Roku Box to the kids. The Silverlight Player does so much more.
This Silverlight Netflix Player has more features than the Roku Box and like many others I am looking for total Media Center playability for all Streaming, Video, Movies, Blue Ray, DVD's, music, Cable, DirecTV, over the air programing, and photos. This to me (if done right) would be the ultimate HTPC. That includes Hulu and Vista Extenders like the DMA2100 also Microsoft.

This is what Microsoft (In my eyes) should be focused on in Windows 7. More and More people are turning to HTPC's and extenders (NOT JUST XBOX 360) for entertainment. WAKE UP MICROSOFT!
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