Windows 10 Netwok Connection Issues


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Hi Guys,

I'm having an annoying issue with Windows 10 since yesterday.
Edge starting giving me an error saying it isn't connected to the internet, but IE works just fine...

I've checked Network and Sharing Center, and it states it isn't connected to anything, when it actually it is...

I tried uninstalling the Ethernet driver, and reinstall it, and same issue persists...

Here's a print-screen (I'm sorry, my OS is in Portuguese)

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There are lots of causes for this,

But there is one, specially these days when your computer may be downloading a large update. That download in or close to systemstart-up seems to be causing this. Is this the case then restting your wireless adapter may help: go to network center, Adapter for Wireless Connections, switch if off, then on again and connect to your wireless network.


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Hi, the problem is, is Ethernet connection. I have it wired to my router. Windows tells me the PC isn't connected to anything on the Network and Sharing Center, but the PC is actually connected by the cable, and on IE, it works just fine. Edge on the other hand doesn't. I think every program that bases the connection on the NSC isn't able to connect to the internet because of this issue.

I have a pen wireless adapter though. I deactivated the Ethernet connnection, and installed the wi-fi pen. Same issue. I'm able to connect to the router via Wi-Fi, I have internet connection trough IE, but Windows is sill telling me there's no connection on the NSC... I'm really going insane with this. I love Windows 10, but this issue is unacceptable. How can the network be fine, and all of the sudden stops working properly in either Lan and Wi-Fi connection? I think my only solution is to reinstall Windows... I feel like I could cry right now


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Don't cry, don't give up!

If you have a wired connection, there should be a lights, close to the connector of the cable on either side of the cable. Are those lights lit?

Have you tested the cable you are using, in a different computer, just to make it sure that the cable, router and modem are working?

Check this and we go to next step


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I have tried the same cable on another PC, it worked fine. Tried with a wireless adapter, same issue. Did a system reinstall trhourgh their built-in option, same issue still. Did clean install, solved now... :( I think it had something to do with the new update...


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The update can/ will disconnect your dns settings at the end but a restart (not shutdown) of the system should have resolved it.

Did a system reinstall trhourgh their built-in option, same issue still. Did clean install, solved now
A ping test should be done before going to that extreme but happy you have it working now mate... good luck with it.