Network Windows 10 cannot access Windows 7 machine but sees it.


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Several Windows 10 machines in my home network communicating without problem. Some month ago I added a Windows 7 machine, which was accessible for a while, thereafter it was only found but no files accessible any more. Now another newly installed Windows 7 machine shows the same problem. I have activated NETBIOS in the Windows 7 network card, tried with DHCP and static IP-address, still it is recognized via WSD by the Windows 10 machine and not NETBIOS. I have tried to share folders - no change.

Error code 0x80070035 I found no solution in the web.

Is there any unsolvable problem to have a Windows 10 access a Windows 7 machine?

Any idea where to find a solution?


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I have found this potential solution:



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Wow, unbelievable. It worked!!! After spending many frustrating hours finally the solution.
The explanation is that access to the original Win 7 installation worked when it had not installed the updates. After a few days it got all the updates including the toxic KB4480970.
Thank Your very much. Hopefully the advice spreads.....