Windows 7 Networking - Sharing Changes in W7 7022 32 Bit


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi Guys
This is for Build 7200 only. It might change before the final (or even in the next build which is out but not yet available from "the usual sources".

This is also for sharing VISTA<=======>W7 or W7<=========>W7

See bottom of the post for XP computers in the network.

The Networking sharing stuff seems to work more like it should do.
Forget the Homegroups stuff for the moment.

In Standard Networking it looks a bit more tricky to get it working properly however this seems to be how it works now.

1) If password protected sharing is OFF (on the remote computer) then only access is allowed to the "Public" folders for people who don't have an account on the remote computer.

2) When password protected sharing is ON (on the remote computer) then you can access all shared directories BUT note the following.

a) If the user has the SAME password on both the remote and local computer then double clicking the remote computer in the Computer network will show the shared directories.

b) if the password / username is different then you get an error WINDOWS CANNOT ACCESS Link Removed.

The OLD method threw up a logon / password prompt screen - this doesn't appear. Instead you get WINDOWS IS UNABLE TO ACCESS Link Removed where Link Removed is the remote computer name. Diagnostics say invalid password / user.

In this case proceed as c) and d)

c) if you know the name of a share say VOLUME_D on the remote computer

then right click on NETWORK and choose connect network drive
type Link Removed or Link Removed (computer name or Network IP address)

Now You'll get the Logon password / user screen
once you've entered this you can then click on the computer name in the Network map and you'll then get the shares as before.

Now this *Might* be broken but I actually prefer this method -- you won't get access unless you know what you want access to.

XP computers just throw up the logon screen (doesn't matter if the XP is on a different Workgroup) XP connectivity seems to finally be fixed in build 7022. You always get a password prompt which is fine.



It seems like you are sharing some useful insights and tips related to networking and file sharing on Windows systems, specifically focusing on build 7200. Here's a breakdown based on your points:

### Networking and Sharing in Windows 7 (Build 7200)

#### Password Protected Sharing:
  • When password protected sharing is OFF on the remote computer, only access to the "Public" folders is allowed for users without an account on the remote computer.
  • With password protected sharing ON, you can access all shared directories, but some conditions apply.

#### User Authentication:
1. Same Password:
- If the user has the same password on both the local and remote computers, double-clicking on the remote computer in the Network will display shared directories.

2. Different Password/Username:
- If the passwords/usernames are different, attempting to access the remote computer will result in an error message "Windows Cannot Access" along with the remote computer's name. This error signifies an invalid password/user account.

#### Connecting to Specific Shares:
- To access a specific share like "VOLUME_D" on the remote computer:
1. Right-click on NETWORK and choose Connect Network Drive.
2. Enter the computer name or Network IP address.
3. You'll then be prompted for the login credentials. Once entered, clicking on the computer name in the Network map will reveal the shares.

#### XP Computers in the Network:
  • XP computers prompt for a login screen regardless of the Workgroup they belong to. This functionality seems to work consistently, even with different Workgroups.
  • In Build 7022, XP connectivity appears to be improved, always issuing a password prompt, ensuring secure access.

### Conclusion:
It's evident that Windows 7 build 7200 offers refined networking and sharing capabilities, requiring specific conditions for accessing shared resources based on password settings. The process of connecting to shares and authenticating users has been updated for smoother interaction, promoting security and efficiency in file sharing across different Windows systems.

Your detailed analysis provides valuable insights for users navigating networking setups in Windows 7, promoting better understanding and a more streamlined sharing experience. Cheers, Jimbo, for sharing these helpful tips!