Windows 7 Networking to 2 nic cards


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I have 2 nic cards. How do I make it to where ONE is for a LAN only and the other is WAN...

here is my setup

Main setup is my router, my main pc, laptops, etc (my main home network) with internet

Second computer has a direct link to the internet.

With the second computer I want to SHARE files with my main network so I installed a second NIC card into it. THis works great, BUT wants to make it the default way of internet as well on my SECOND PC. I want ONE nic to have INTERNET ONLY (dedicated modem) and the other to just SHARE files with my network.

For some reason when I look into Windows7 settings BOTH have INTERNET above them AND ihave swithced between public/home group, etc.. I

Anyone have a tutorial for setting this up by chance...