Problems with Home Networking, Windows 10


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Problems with Home Network.

I have a home network comprising

  • Virgin Media (Netgear) Super Hub 2 Router (2G and 5G wireless)
  • A Lenovo AIO 730S Computer running Windows 10 Pro (5G wireless)
  • An Acer 515 laptop running Windows 10 Home (5G wireless)
  • A Cannon TS8150 printer (2G wireless)
  • Several other devices, such as a smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Virgin Media Tivo Box, Alexa devices, Raspberry Pi, mobile phones and tablets - which are not relevant to my problems.
Both computers ( 2 and 3 above) are protected by Bitdefender Total Security 2020

General Info

All devices can talk to the web via the router and all devices under item 5 perform correctly. S individually they perform as expected.

Logging into the Router shows that devices 2, 3 and 4 are present and the two computers can be pinged OK via the router.

Both computers can access the web OK and can print from the wireless printer

Both Computers are in the Windows Workgroup

Both are on a Private LAN

Both have file and printer sharing enable and both have network discovery enabled.

I have checked that Function Discovery Recourse Publication and Function Discovery provider are set to auto and are running

Both computers can see each other in File Explorer/This Computer/Network but when I double click on the network icon for the other computer, I am told that they cannot contacted.

Computer A cannot ping computer B and vice versa. I get the same message as paragraph above.

Any ideas?

Is it something to do with Bitdefender?



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Without more details on the computers my first thought would be a firewall is blocking both ping and the discovery packets.

What firewall are they running Windows or one provided by BitDefender?

If Windows what profile is in use?
In powershell you can run the following Get-NetConnectionProfile the profile in use will be listed under NetworkCategory


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People say Windows 10 like there is only one... old builds are blocked by new builds by default

Is the pro system a Microsoft account and the home just guest account?

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