Insider Preview New Action Centre

1. Would open AC & Maintenance would show nothing. Occasionally it would but, most time, nothing, none of the normal, usual info. Had noticed this behavior over the last couple of days.

This evening...
2. Asking for Action Centre in Start menu Search produced TWO listings. A faint grey flag & a brilliant, pretty blue flag.
a) Clicking the grey flag gave a Missing Shortcut window (moved or removed, can't find anymore blah, blah, blah)
b) Clicking the blue flag gives a perfectly complete Action Centre display ALL the proper, normally expected, complete info under Maintenance.
3. The Action Centre flag normally residing in the System Tray, I had noticed was missing. Was that which prompted me to put Action Centre in Search.
4. After opening Action Centre via the blue flag from the Search listing, lo & behold the flag was/is back in the System Tray. And from there it, now, opens w/ all the info showing, every time.

I rest my case. You be the judge.

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