new box packaging for Windows 7

I had a novel idea on how M$ can package Windows 7. Currently people hate the Windows Vista packaging as it is hard to open and all. I thought why not play off the name "7". How about M$ designs the box to look like the number "7"?

I don't think M$ will spend the extra money involved in creating packaging that isn't a conventional box shape. It's a nice idea but I can't see it happening.


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The plastic container that current Microsoft products come in with one side rounded is not a "conventional box shape". Why would they be unwilling to consider some sort of "Fisher-Price" box to match the GUI?


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Since I live in southern Mexico, I'm hoping I get to download Windows7 and pay the license on the internet.

I have to say I really don't find the current Windows Vista packaging to be hard to open by any means... it's simple in my opinion.. you pull the little red tab and presto! It opens... ;) High tech sh!t... :) I actually like the Vista packaging and think if Microsoft does change it at all for Windows 7 they should maybe just make it a bit thinner.. other than that I see no real need to change it... but hey, that's just me.. :)


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Some of us "Old Farts" that are securely set in our ways try to open the currently popular Microsoft software packaging like a book and sometimes it takes us a few seconds to figure out that it doesn't open that way. I think I had to actually read the instructions before I got my Office 2007 package open. But once I get my mind in proper rotation, it is no problem. However, I imagine that both shipping and shelf stocking costs could be reduced with a more compact package. The extra bulk of the package is likely by design to make it more visible on the store shelf.

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