NEW doesn't show up in some menus anymore (Windows Explorer)


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In "Windows Explorer" it used to be that if you right clicked a folder you would get a drop down menu that would include many options including "NEW". That would let you make a subfolder for the folder that you clicked.
Recently, when you right click a folder the menu does not include "NEW" anymore. Is there any way to remedy that?


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The following tutorial is to restore New option via registry editing.
****PLEASE be very careful and follow the procedures to the letter.
If at any point you have question or unsure, STOP. Post back and ask before you continue.
Read this tutorial................

You might want to know on Step 2 how to create a new key......
Right click at ContextMenuHandlers > click New > click Key > type New. That is your new Key.


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Seems to be a glitch. I get "New" as I've always got. One thing is, you may need to have the root folder opened, before you create a "New". It's not automatic, to create new anywhere anyhow. A quite nice add is TeraCopy,

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