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Re: January '11 Updates

Very useful page, eva2000. We are using the file cache now, as there was a software update today that appears to have corrected some redirect issues even though it wasn't in the release notes. This should make page loading much faster in general. FYI. We use an enormous RAM filter for both the web server and database that you could probably run the entire database from memory.. although this genuinely would not be a good idea. Thanks for that link.

Re: January '11 Updates

You're welcome :)

Woah that' alot of memory.

FYI, firefox firebug is reporting isn't utilising 'leveraging browser caches' on images or css, gif and png files and images optimisations ave 90-150kb per page load. If you're using cdn service like maxcdn you can now set the expiration date of the cached object.


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xd_proxy.css Bug

A bug in Facebook's Connect API has caused all sorts of mischief over the last 24-hours, including here on The problem is due to an internal change made by Facebook and a problem with the way dynamic content is handled by Internet Explorer. Although Internet Explorer gave a security warning about this file, there was never any danger. We have changed our connection to Facebook to compensate.

We have resolved the issue here, but can confirm that the problem interfered with CNN, MSNBC, and a number of other large media sites. It has also had a negative impact on any forum site that uses the Facebook Connect API as a login mechanism for websites.

Until a new version of Internet Explorer is released, which adopts the web standards and exceptions currently made by nearly all other web browsers, instances of these problems may continue to become prevalent.

These include false security alerts, erroneous error reports on pages, and so on. You will observe that on some pages of this site, and on many others, Internet Explorer 8 claims there is an error on the page. One so grave that it must notify you on the bottom left hand corner. This is, in fact, simply a Flash animation being rendered by a JavaScript call to serve an advertisement. The same method is used by hundreds of millions of websites around the world.

While other web browsers remain updated frequently, Internet Explorer 8 users are now on year 2 after being promised regularly scheduled feature improvements. Those changes, to the surprise of many, will not come until Internet Explorer 9 is released. Waiting for an upgrade for HTML5 compatibility and the ability to handle connections to the top most used website in the world (Facebook). I am still pleased that transparent PNG images can finally be rendered by the browser.

For more information, please see:

Xd_proxy.css Download Facebook Bug Affects CNN, MSNBC,

Adsense is breaking my site in IE - getting error: Internet explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation aborted - AdSense Help

These errors do not occur in any other major web browser. We have resolved the Facebook issue for IE users at this time. However, to avoid all errors, one may want to try using a different browser until Internet Explorer 9 is released.


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Re: January '11 Updates


A sincere thanks for this feedback. I've gotten used to using the YSlow extension for Firebug and forgot about these checks. This information has allowed me to fix the cache on the CDN, as well as make some improvements for the image height/width, which will help the browser render the pages just that much faster.

Kind Regards.


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Malware on ImageShack

It has come to our attention that the popular image hosting site, ImageShack, has had a problem with malware and popups that lead to erroneous content which purports to cleanse your computer of viruses. This type of phishing attack is a false way to inject a remote system with malware and other problems.

The script tries to send you off to a nefarious location which we have recorded as

(Do not go to this URL)

Please check the screenshots for images of this problem in action.

It is highly suggested that users do not post links or images to ImageShack. Here are some recommended services that you can use safely at this time:


All of these services allow you to host images free and without malware. You can also attach images using our built-in attachment system. We will attempt to block any attempts to link to ImageShack due to this threat.

Once again, you can view the nefarious script in action by viewing the images attached to this announcement. We warn against any attempts to use ImageShack at this time. Please do not make any references to ImageShack, links or otherwise, and please do remember that we are in no way responsible for 3rd party content or the content of other websites.



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Re: Malware on ImageShack

Thanks Mike.
Just typed TheNameOfThatService and the word malware into google and it would seem that we are not the only folks who have noticed this issue recently. There seems to be a great deal of speculation and conjecture as to when, why and how this issue occurs, but having experienced it personally with two seperate thread posts containing two seperate links to images stored on that image hosting service I can confirm that it is a problem and I am glad that you have seen fit to address it. I certainly hope that they manage to resolve the issue since I know many users rely on their service and they have been an excellent source for hosting images in the past. Interesting we're even blocking the text had to edit this post and remove the actual name of the service before I could make this post.

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Re: Malware on ImageShack

Thank you for reporting this matter. We have identified and removed the offending content. It was coming from an indirect source: an ad network that was unintentionally distributing it on our site. We take these matters very seriously at ImageHostName. We are working with our partners to ensure the safest possible environment for media hosting and sharing.

Contact us at with any further questions or comments.

ImageHostName support


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Re: Malware on ImageShack

Thank you for this unprecedented reply to this announcement. The proper steps have been taken to restore access to your website.


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New Admin: Welcome Josephur!

I am pleased to announce that we have a new administrator on the website, Joseph Stackhouse, who, over the last several months, has helped bring many video reviews and tutorials available to our members. You may know him for working with me to produce several hours of YouTube tutorials and reviews, and also as a helpful staff member on the website. Joe is an excellent technology enthusiast and information technology consultant. While he has been a moderator on the website for some time, Joe works in a consulting role of remote support and has worked with computers most of his life. Having known him since the 1990s, I am proud to have been affiliated with Joe through multiple avenues over the Internet. He continues to be a reliable source of information, and that very reliability, and certainly stability, in the role of administrator, will be greatly appreciated. Joe is known for his background in programming using Visual Studio, expertise in large WiFi networks, and many other areas. This administrator access will also extend to

Administrators on the website take on the role of working in a close circle to help bring the latest features and changes to all of our viewers. Often time that role extends far behind the scenes and requires a definite level of maturity. Joseph will fill the integral role of administrator and I am very pleased to make this announcement. As a trusted friend and colleague, Joe may take an active role in updating some of the features on the site. In addition, administrators also volunteer with other staff members to coordinate plans and new ideas. We all contribute the time we can allocate to the website to working out problems, issues, and finding new ideas in an organized, cohesive, and professional way. In emergency situations, administrators keep in contact with each other and have access to server resources in the event of problems. With that guarantee of professionalism and stability, it will be great to work with Joe to help further develop the website with current and future projects. Fulfilling this position requires a certain level of stability and maturity, and it is great to see Joe join both Randy and I in filling this role on the website as legitimate professionals.

Welcome aboard :)


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Re: New Admin: Welcome Josephur!

Yes indeed, congratulations and welcome aboard Joe. Sincerely appreciate your willingness to step up and accept the additional responsibility of administrator on the forum. Maybe we can meet up sometime in or around Rensselaer (St. Joe's) for a cup of coffee or something.
In any event, many thanks for the additional commitment.
Best Wishes


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Re: New Admin: Welcome Josephur!

Welcome aboard, explorer! ;)

Captain Jack

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Re: New Admin: Welcome Josephur!

Welcome Joe :)


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Re: New Admin: Welcome Josephur!

May I ad my congrats Josephur :) I had not even noticed the change so was a little tardy with my congrats . I hope you have a great time as our new admin and wish you well :)

Welcome Josephur!



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February-March 2011 Changelog


Here's the latest forum updates. Its been a slow month for changing stuff, but that can also mean a good thing for stability and reliability. Here's some of the changes that have been made thus far and some future plans we are looking at soon.


As promised, the forum "Legend" display bug has been fixed on forum display. This was a minor rendering problem that was around for quite awhile.

Josephur (Joe Stackhouse) has replaced kemical (Ross Cameron) as administrator. Once again, please give a warm welcome to Joe, who brings years of professionalism and experience to the website.

A minor bug in the translator was resolved. A new version will be released soon.
Web server upgraded with improved stability and enhancements.

We are currently waiting on several important enhancements:

Next version of the forum software will NOT include new editor since auto-save feature is being worked on. (Retrieve from draft)

Next version will include many bug fixes and enhancements (including a fix for Marked Forums Read)

We are waiting on a new version of the enterprise translator code for next month.

We are still aware of trophies and awards not appearong on profiles -- this is a low priority challenge right not that will take time.

Over the last several weeks, we are pleased to announce a record number of unique visitors per day, now topping over 65,000.

We are looking at several enhancements as they become available: custom iPod/Android applications to navigate, additional WYSIWYG, a complete overhaul of the downloads section that is easy to keep constant and up-to-date as well as manage. We expect the new editor to come first, and it is quite a good editor. See CKEditor. The implementation of all of these changes will take quite a bit of time and testing, but you'll know it when you see it!

We usually have more interesting goings on in development, but unexpected developments, time constraints, and recent development have been keeping us busy. We have been excited about the SP1 and IE9 releases, and much time is being spent working on site planning and bringing you the best possible experience. Stay tuned for some serious improvements within the next 30-90 days.

Thanks for visiting.


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April 11 Forum Code Update

The base forum code for and were upgraded today. Many aesthetic changes have been implemented to complement Internet Explorer 9, as well as newer versions of Chrome and Firefox. While these changes may not be visibly apparent, they are designed to make the site more compatible with modern web standards.

Among other changes included are:

Code Errors/Optimization
  • Filecache datastore does not work on PHP 5.2.14 and later versions. (var_export handles negative integer array keys incorrectly)
  • construct_quick_nav() is slow
  • 20 additional SELECT node.nodeid queries on showthread.php due to class_postbit
  • Hold Memcache Connection
  • Unnecessary query executed on every page
  • CSS not cached as efficiently as possible: Cache-Control header issues
  • Missed index on user table, email field
  • Code Review includes/class_dm_picturecomment.php
  • unnecessary code in packages/vbcms/content/section.php
  • False variable used in vb/db/query.php
  • Some changes requested for ajax.php
  • false variable usied in packages/vbcms/widget/myfriends.php
  • admincp/cms_admin.php
  • false variable in includes/blog_function_online.php
  • false variable in packages/vbcms/comments.php
  • false variable in vb/cache.php
  • 4x include of framework in inlinemod.php
  • PNG images need to be optimized 31 votes
  • Blog Comment Header aligment incorrect if "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files?" is activated 8 votes
  • Stylevar issue
  • Little styling issue
  • Remove images about PT from vBulletin package
  • Border-radius for Opera 10.50
  • If you change the padding stylevar, the collapse image on forum home is not positioned correctly
  • Styling issue - profile / profile field categories
  • Wrong sessionurl used for online.php
  • "Posting permissions" isn't a moveable blog block
  • [vB 4] Member List: $userinfo[lastvisit]
  • FORUMDISPLAY conditional change for no-thread-list catagories
  • detailed thread rating can'T be found anywhere?
  • If there is no titleimage then a broken image link is shown on the page
  • Recurring Event Selector Resets Upon Editing
  • Datepicker template not working
  • W3C Valiadtion errors in FAQ template
  • Wrong variable order in Template vbcms_content_section_type3
  • Templates postbit and postbit_legacy - title="{vb:rawphrase reputation} has to be {vb:rawphrase add_reputation}
  • Facebook Like it "forgets" who has liked articles 20 votes
  • Facebook Auth: Linking a Facebook Account after registration with Required Fields Does Not Allow Connection to be Made 15 votes
  • Search results posts per page is limited at 20 9 votes
  • Unable to post a non-English thread to facebook via the publish to facebook button 7 votes
  • When tag cloud on search page is turned off in admincp, query still runs
  • Missing Options When Viewing a User Profile in Mod CP (Compared to Admin CP)
  • No Option in Mod CP to Edit Signature Pictures for Those Who Have Permission to Edit Signatures
  • No Select All Option For Inline PM Tracking Checkboxes (Regression from vB 3)
Many of these changes are made public by vBulletin with a full list of bug fixes and functionality improvements available at Issue Navigator - vBulletin JIRA

Thank you for your continued use and support of the website, which makes prompt and efficient updates like these possible. We are continuing to look at new ways to deploy new features for all members and visitors, and will do so whenever the opportunity presents itself.


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Re: April 11 Forum Code Update

As always, thanks so much, for all your diligent efforts to keep the site as current as possible with all the recent advances in web standards.
Much appreciated.


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Album Bug Report Fix

Although long overdue, the problem of album pictures rendering properly in Internet Explorer 8 and 9 has been resolved, thanks to a bug report by bassfisher6522. Albums should render clearly, concisely, and entirely on the page. For those of you who use this feature, or wish to use it, you should have no problems. These changes come after the integration of a major update to our core forum code which will require additional compatibility updates to many of the products, plugins, and code features we use to provide added features to all visitors.

We are looking forward to rolling out a custom cellphone app for this website for iPhone and Android-based applications very soon. This will allow users of these SmartPhones to use the website in a much easier way.

Feedback does help us make many improvements and spot many areas where bugs may be prevalent. In the case of the album problem, it did not affect other browsers.

Special thanks again, Jim (Bassfisher6522)


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Site Design Revisited

We have currently been working over the last several hours to make some adjustment to our various themes for the website. The quick style chooser allows you to change themes at this time. However, we have come to a decision that our original theme (version 2.3), may actually be the most clear, concise version of the website for viewers new and old.

It is also the easiest for us to maintain. This is due to the drastic nature of the changes that are currently being made to our forum software, and the requirements needed to manage all styles.

Therefore, we would like to read your thoughts on which style you prefer, and why. Currently, we are seriously considering reverting entirely back to version 2.3 of our website design. This would be done with the best interests of our new visitors in mind, as it is clear, clean, easily manageable, and will allow for easier integration of CKEditor. The size and load time of each page is also considerably less.

We would very likely remove the gradient background and replace with a single color background to speed up page scrolling on older systems.

This will be done during a time where we would like to focus our attention on putting custom applications for iPhone and Android for on both marketplaces free of charge.

Please provide your feedback so that we can come to a good consensus. It seems that our newer theme, while popular, has become somewhat of a fiasco to manage and is wasting valuable time in administrative communication (We just spent nearly 2 hours discussing problem areas with this theme while our original theme has absolutely no coding problems whatsoever that are noticeable to the end user).

So, if you'd like to have a hand in which direction we shall travel as far as how the site looks, you can reply to this thread and we will take some Q&A on this issue.

This website is not affiliated, owned, or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a member of the Microsoft Partner Program.