Windows 11 New PC - must I install Win10 then upgrade to 11, or can I go straight to 11?


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Jun 23, 2022
Hi all,

Currently running Win 10 Home Retail licence on a PC that's not eligible for upgrade to Windows 11. However, I will have a new PC tomorrow.
My question is, do I need to install windows 10 on the new PC, activate, THEN upgrade to 11 from there? Or can I install Windows 11 straight away, and my activation key for Windows 10 will work for 11?
your key for Windows 10 will stay on the current system [by default]
the new PC that arrives tomorrow will have its own key [normally] or be a blank system with no OS... what you can do is sign in with the same Microsoft ID [email + password] to link this new system to the current account and that means files, desktop background and some other junk like movies you got from the Microsoft store will sync to this new system without you having to copy paste files into a Usb stick

a key is [generally] one per computer unless you have Enterprise accounts that [in effect] rent keys for a company
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