Windows 8 New themes for Windows 8


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Aug 28, 2007
Microsoft have released a wealth of new themes for Spring.

I am so over winter. I am so done hoping we might get some actual snow (a rarity here in the mild maritime Pacific Northwest), and so ready to move on to spring. And although it’s still cold, wet, and rainy outside, I can create a little bit of sunny springtime renewal on my Windows desktop with the newest crop of themes.

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Ah, just what I needed!!!! I was ready to dump winter really soon. I may be wrong but, I would swear the graphics in Windows 8 are even better than Windows 7?

While cruising the Internet yesterday, I found Bing has some nice themes also. Bing Dynamic was one of theme. Sorry I forgot where I found them though. There seems to be a lot of new things coming out but, it does take some looking.