New to IT, computer is slow


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Jul 30, 2013

I'm the new IT tech at our office, and I have been asked an odd question a few times now.

Someone asks why their computer is slow, it takes 3 minutes to open an excel spreadsheet for example.

Typically it's an older core2duo processor with windows XP.

Can you tell me what you would check?

1) what processes are running in task manager
2) run a registry scanner

I think as computers get older they just become less responsive.

Look at the background processes, see what's running at startup in msconfig, use Autoruns and Process Explorer to see what you might be up against. Do some tender loving care, defrag and Ccleaner
Pretty much what Trouble recommended plus how large is the Excel file they are trying to open and does it have any dependencies like a database connection? Is it just Excel or just about everything else? Oh, and tell them to get rid of all those damn browser search bars! ;-)
Thanks for the help guys, but can we really expect a 4 year old computer to run super smoothly? Think of how many times to processor and chips have been heated and cooled.

The trouble is my work's employees do expect this.

I used to re-install the OS and wipe the computer every 2 years at home.
There is no doubt that computer is old, buy a new one, or use software (such as Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner, AVG..) clean and optimize system.
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