Windows 10 Broswer gone incredibly slow


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Jan 29, 2012
W10 ver 21H1

Starting today my Browser (Chrome) is taking ages to respond on sites ....
For example, I go to do a search ... and it is minutes before I get any response.
Same if I try with FireFox

Side by side if I do a search on my phone (Firefox) response is less than 2 sec, against 2 min or more on PC

Task Manager does not show any processes hugging processing, but it does show Ethernet running high - 100kb and almost flat lines when I try a search.

No issues on this site for example - so assume it's something to do with searches.

I have reset Chrome, reset Router, rebooted PC ...... still very very slow

Rest of PC uses seems fine ... video, FB, email etc.

Reasons why your browser is slow

The first step to fixing your slow browser is to figure out what causes the issue. There are several causes for laggy internet browsers, and the majority of slow web browsers are probably afflicted by one of these. In fact, it’s likely that more than one issue is to blame, impacting your browsing speed even more severely.
So, if you keep asking yourself “why is my internet browser so slow?”, the answer may lie one or more of the following culprits:
Some malware can cause stutters and slow your browser down when it infects your device. The worst part – you might not even notice you’ve been infected.
Temporary files
Temporary internet files can fill up your browser’s cache, taking up space unnecessarily and slowing down your surfing.
Some types of cookies—small files stored by your browser—can affect the functioning of your browser and slow it down.
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Too many open tabs
Having multiple tabs, or at least an excessive number of tabs, open in your browser can slow down your surfing experience by using up your device’s memory.
Pending updates
Browsers usually require regular updates in order to function optimally, so neglecting to update to the latest version can slow down the browsing experience.
Too many extensions
There are thousands of helpful browser extensions available for modern browsers. But having too many of them active at the same time can significantly slow down browsing.
Internet issues
Most of the time a slow browsing experience is caused by something as simple as a poor internet connection.
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This was resolved last month ..... I forced a W10 upgrade and it cured the problem.
Advice was a W10 update had caused the issue
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