Hi, I would like to introduce myself I am Robert Fassbender, I am retired. I use to live in Portland,Oregon. While I lived there a friend of mine help me to get started leaning about computers, afterwards I taught myself computers. I moved back to Eugene,Oregon in 2009 and have lived here since. In 2010 I went back to school, went to Pioneer Pacific for a year and graduated in 2011 with an assoc. degree in Computers and Network technology. I have an old Dell Inspiron, it does not have virtualization in the cpu.
All i know about it that it was loaded with Windows Vista when it was new, at least I think it was because it has a Windows Vista sas wellticker on it. I was wondering if I could put a virtualized windows xp on it? I also have a desktop computer that I built and I believe that the CPU on the motherboard is capable of virtualization, and I also wanted to put a virualized xp on it as well. Does anybody recomend a virtualization software? I am running windows 10 x64 on the laptop, it seems to be running just fine, and the desktop will also run Windows 10 x64 as well. Can anybody reccomend virtualization software for my computers, Please? Thank you.

hi Robert,
virtualization comes in two main flavours which are;
this comes free with Windows 10 pro and is the most up to date system around [by a long way], very Cpu efficient management but worthless for Gpu i.e, Games and software like Adobe Dimension will not play nice with Hyper-v

older workstation system that runs on Windows or Mac and uses a LOT more Cpu \ Ram to do basic tasks but IS designed to work with Gpu as well so if you want to get that old game of birth of the republic working on a new Windows 10 computer then Vm-ware workstation is the best option but for pro work running servers and such Hyper-v blows it out of the water

rules = 1 hyperviser per system so Hyper-v and VM-ware don't play together unless you build it as a dual boot system