Newby Needs Help --" Bootmngr missing" message appears

I replaced XP Pro last night (Friday, 1/29/10) with a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro (OEM version). I installed the new Win 7 OS on a freshly reformated pair of Raid-0 hardrives. Both are WD 80GB Velociraptor's. I also have another WD 400 GB, that's was being used for storage only, it is not a boot drive. All have same connection type on the MB, their SATA's.

The install appeared to go flawlessly, there were no error's encountered during the install process. I never needed to install a driver, as Windows 7 seemed (so far) to have loaded all the correct drivers. I"ve been playing with the new OS and am trying to get use to it. I'm one of the consumers who waited for the cleaner'uper version of Vista. Never used vista before, so this is a whole new world for me.

Anyway, I'm having 2 problems right now, that I can't figure out.

1.) The OS doesn't see the second HD. It was partitioned with XP Pro, and has quite alot of data on it, that I don't want to loose, or have to reinstall from a backup. I'd like to just jump on and access the drive. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

2.) The other, more important problem I'm having is that I can't get the OS to boot up with out having to install the WIN 7 Pro CD ( I know it's really a DVD) into the disc drive. During bootup, I get the message "Boot Manager Is Missing". WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? I'm not certain if it's because I havn't activated the new OS yet, or what? PLEASE HELP?

thanks super nerds :razz:


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Can you get us a picture of your Disk Management window using the snipping tool and attach? I'm not a RAID person, but the system does not seem to be booting the the active partition that contains the bootmgr. If you want to check where is it, you can look for hidden system files.

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