No Audio Output Device is isntalled

Hi, guys.
Im an owner of HP Pavillion DV6915NR notebook pc.
I installed Windows 7, and I have no sound. When I try to install Conexant driver i get an error.
"driver installation failed could not find the media device". What should I do? The driver is for Vista probably i have tried installing it in compatibility mode with no luck.
Please Help.


Noob Whisperer
Are you completely certain that your laptop has the Conexant hardware installed and not the Realtek option?



Noob Whisperer
"driver installation failed could not find the media device"
Just going by the above information maybe give the Realtek option a try.
If you have made certain that you have tried with the correct bit version architecture (32 bit vs. 64 bit) driver for the Conexant device.
You may try with the Realtek maybe give this link a try and see what happens

Installed realtek driver, restarted no sound...


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Have you managed to install all the windows updates up to and including yesterdays?
What information has Device Manager to offer regarding problem devices.
If you can post the hardware IDs (from the details tab in the properties for the device) for the problem devices we might be able to help with respect to a possible driver solution.

Im 100000% sure windows updates wont help I will make those windows updates u know they are a lot coz i have reinstalled pc. Ill do them and when Im done ill post after an hour when they are ready. Im pretty sure they wont help. In device manager i dont have that Sound video and game controllers thing... I have 4 yellow things. 3 of them are Base System Device 4th is Unknown device

Details of all of them.
Driver Provider: Unknown
Driver Date: Not Available
Driver Version: Not Available
Digital Signer: Not Digitaly signed


Noob Whisperer
Which version of Windows 7 have you installed 32 bit or 64 bit it is important to make sure you are attempting to install drivers intended for the proper bit architecture.
As I recall there was not a lot of issues with Vista vs. Windows 7 drivers in most case. I personally have Windows 7 Pro 32 bit installed on an old laptop and am running an old XP SoundMax driver which works fine, although it was a bit of a problem getting it installed.
You should probably make sure that you obtain an install the drivers that you can from here
Again making sure that you have selected the proper 32 or 64 bit version of Vista.
The Chipset driver might help with some of the Base System Devices and the BIOS Update if you haven't already applied it may help as well.
Other than those two I don't see anything except maybe the Graphics driver and the Synaptics Touchpad Driver as well as maybe the Card Reader and Fingerprint Drivers if your machine is so equipped.

I installed 64 bit os. Installed chipset, tried both 3 audio drivers on that link. I havent done synaptics thing i checked it in windows update and im downloading it now. Still no sound

I get an error when i try to install the driver from the link u gave me read my 1st post again it says the error.


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Those values you posted above are not what we are looking for.
When you are finished catching up on any driver updates (Chipset and BIOS) that you can install from the manufacturer, and finished catching up on all Windows updates completely.....
If anything remains without resolution in Device manager we are looking for the information in the attached image.

Thanks for the reply, Hi again.
I finished updates and installing all drivers from HP link u gave me.
Nothing helped me with my problem.
After the updates my Unknown device disappeared so these ids are from the base system devices.


Noob Whisperer
Maybe post an image of your Device manager currently.
Going to be out for an hour or so on a Run.... back later. Maybe someone else will pitch in

Installed that Ricoh thing. Still no sound. I dont have any more yellow things in Device manager. Any suggests guys?


Noob Whisperer
Any "unknown" devices or anything under Sound?

No unknown devices, nothing under sound :mad:@@

I have no sound thing in device mgr

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