No options in tiles menu

I recently installed a fresh install of windows 8.1. I now want to eddit my start menu tiles.
When I click on a tile i don't get any options to remove etc. (as seen in the screenshot)
Is this a configuration problem or is it necessary to install windows again?

thanks in advance



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That tile is an app;
1. Right click =
2. I think your system may still be installing updates at the time that screen was made but it's hard to say... are you logged into Microsoft store at that point there?

Thanks for the reply ussnorway.
I understand the system of the tiles. I'ts just that i don't get any options to change them. I can select them with my RMB but that's it.
My system is not updating annymore. I'ts been a month since i installed windows 8.
I am currently logged in into Microsoft store.
I went trought the options but I have no idea what it could be.


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Yes, my understanding now is the option was added as a patch… possibly the 8.1.1 but just to be clear, you need to right click the tile and then; In 8 you get a bar along the bottom and in 8.1.1 you should have a small Manu.
Screenshot (156).png

If that weather app was the old 8 one i.e not up dated after the 8.1.1 patch then that could be why it's not responding… can you try a more recent tile that has been installed after the machine was last patched?

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