No other homegroup computers are currently available - yes there are.


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Yes there are Homegroup computers currently available - :eek:. I have two computers running Windows 7 that belong to the same work group and appear in the same DHCP table. I went to Network Sharing Center > HomeGroup; clicked on View password and obtained a 10 digit code. I entered the 10 digit code in the other PC's Homegroup settings. Why :confused: When I click on Computer > Homegroup does it say, "No other homegroup computers are currently available" .

On either computer, when you click on Network Sharing Center > Homegroup: you will find Share Pictures, Music, Videos, Printers, and Share Media devices - Stream pictures, music, videos are all checked. If you click on View password the same password appears. Why on the Homepage does it say "No homegroup computers are currently available." :eek:


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Make sure network discovery is turned on in the Advanced Sharing options.

Some versions can create a Homegroup and other versions can only Join a homegroup. Which computers are running what versions?

On the Network Adapter, IPv6 has to be enabled for Homegroups. If there is a problem, perhaps the Troubleshooter can find what it is?


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Hey Saltgrass - thank's for replying - Discovery is turned on on both PCs and I ran Trouble shooter. It was not helpful.

I went to Control Panel > System and found what version of Wndows I have running, how do I findout if it is cable of creating a home group or joining a home group?

I have heard of IPv6 but don't understand what its all about. How do I determine if its enabled?


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To check the IPv6, which the troubleshooter should have done, use ncpa.cpl to open the network adapters panel. Select your adapter and right click - properties. The IPv6 entry should be checked.

From the Microsoft Store:
You can join a homegroup in any edition of Windows 7, but you can only create one in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions.
I will assume you are on the same local network for your system. If you are not sure, open a command prompt and type :

ipconfig /all > %userprofile%\Desktop\Ipconfig.txt

You can copy this and then paste into the command window by right clicking the window.

Then copy and paste here or attach using the paperclip, if you want. If it shows something you don't want seen, edit before you attach it. The local IP address should be about the same for both systems, except for the last set of numbers.

Can you see the other computer on your network in Explorer?

I realize I'm responding to a very old post but........ I ran into this issue recently. I created a homegroup on my laptop but could not connect to homegroup from my media PC. My laptop was connected directly to a cable modem (where homegroup was created on), the PC was wireless. The wireless PC would not connect/find the homegroup.

A partial solution I found was I unplugged the laptop from the cable modem and connected the laptop to my wireless network. This worked for me. I hope this will help out anyone having the same problem.

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