No Sound Recorder!


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After spending about 2 fruitless hours trying to findo ut why my Windiws 7 Home Premium was telling me I did not have an sudio device in my system and could not therefore record sounds, I found this in a Vista forum. It seems that the sound recorder is disabled in Windows 7 and the information needed to enable it is hidden!

Read here:
But, if you try the same trick with Windows Vista, you won't see an option for Wave Out Mix. It's not that the option's been left out of Vista, Microsoft just decided to hide it. Media Center Show podcast producer Ian Dixon has the instructions for enabling Wave Out recording:
Select sound from the control panel.
Select the recording tab.
Right click on the background of the tab and choose "show disabled devices."
Right click on Wave Out Mix and click enable.
Now it should work the same way as Wave Out Mix in Windows XP, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes

Seems a bit daft to me. I eas assuming that my sound card had packed up.

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