Windows 7 no Wifi internet access on one PC, no Key, no nothing


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Apr 19, 2013
I am having Wifi connection issues:
Reinstalled (!) Windows 7, disabled WIFI key (no panic, we have no neighbors), every device has internet but mine. It says "identifying... No internet access" and show that yellow -!- triangle
I can access the router (Netgear 5770) and the internet when I plug into it directly, but Wifi does not work.
My internal adapter is a Atheros APR9285
Computer is a Asus X44L

Can't manage wireless networks, because the network is not listed.
what to do what to do

thanks for the help

oh and one more thing:
I disabled the WPA2 key because I kept getting the message "network security mismatch", knowing that the key is right.
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Is the router running DHCP? Can you ping the router on wireless? Check your ipconfig - if you need help with it run the command ipconfig /all and post the output here.
Tunnel adapter isatap DHCPenabled Yes
Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface DHCP enabled No

ipconfig doesnt show any IP under default Gateway
Ping loss 100%

I can post the complete ipconfig /all, but should I leave out anything for security reasons?
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Tunnel adapter isatap DHCPenabled Yes
Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface DHCP enabled No
These are components on your pc - which means they will use dhcp if it's enabled on the router - you need to log on to your router and examine its config to see it it has dhcp enabled.

Nothing in ipconfig is a security threat so you may safely post it.
hmm, odd..when I unplug the Ethernet cable and turn wifi on I have internet access, but after a acouple of minutes/feet away it says "no internet access" again.
but this only happens with this one laptop.
I see you have IPv6 enabled on both wired and wireless adapters. This protocol is not currently used and can cause problems. Try disabling it on both devices and see if there is any change.
alright, I unchecked IPv6.
now it is connecting, but loosing access every couple minutes.
I am starting to think that it might just be my weak built in adapter, what do you think?
Sounds like it might be a signal related problem. This might be caused by being too faraway from the router, extremely close to it, other wireless devices/things emitting a signal corrupting the signal (cordless phones, microwave ovens for example).
Just bought a signal extender. that worked! Thanks a lot!
now it's disconnecting as soon as I leave the room..

what you describe is happening to me as well... all of it! I am running Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter please someone help us figure this out! It began all of a sudden. What changed? I never change settings so I am at a loss!
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