No Wifi recognized (disappeared after failed install)

I have an Alienware 18. Today tried updated to windows 8.1, it failed on the first try, stopping at 83% after rebooting and almost finishing the installation. I retried installing, it did the same thing, however, this time (i accepted my defeat) when signing back in, my wifi was not recognized. It won't recognize any networks (mine nor other neighbors).

It did not do this on the first failed installation. Also, I have tried re-installing old drivers (the old broadcam one), I have tried re-booting my computer, I have tried executing certain files in the command prompt(from something I read I do not completely remember).

Could it possibly be an MSI file missing? I have no idea. But this is really aggravating as I have a very nice new computer and windows has screwed up my wifi recognition within it. I also have tried updating drivers from the drivers website, etc.

Help please!!

P.S. It recognizes plugged in ethernet cable

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Have you tried system restore? back to any point before attempting to update to 8.1?


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If you don't have a recovery point before the unsuccessful update...

And since you say it's new, if you don't have a lot of setup time invested then maybe you should just reset it to original config.

Since it's a high end laptop it probably comes with a restore DVD, if not it should have a recovery partition.

But if you want to try getting the wifi back I'd uninstall the wireless adapter in Device Manager, and reboot and let Windows re-detect and reinstall it to the original settings.

Windows is pretty good at setting up hardware on it's own.


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I am in school and have actually put a lot of programs and material on this laptop so I do not want to restore it. I will try rebooting it, but I feel as though I have already tried this.

Also, the problem seems to be that windows 8.1 will not install all the way. Therefore I think that certain drivers were effected, and won't work correctly until the installation is completed.


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The 8.1 update is more than 3GB in size. The problem I see why the update failed is because your network card driver may have been replaced with a new one somewhere along the update process which messed up your internet connection. With the PC disconnected from the internet, the update did not continue and failed. Do it one more time and this time plug the ethernet cable in.

I just came back to my computer and my wifi randomly is working now. But thanks your post makes absolute sense! I will try re-installing windows 8.1 with the ethernet cable plugged in!

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