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Windows 7 Starter and Netgear WGR614. It worked fine and now I cannot get Internet anymore. It is my daughter's laptop and guess she has played around where she sould not. I am new to Windows 7. To make matters worse the OS is in Portuguese and it may be diffcult to get close translations.

basicall, when I try to connect to awireless network I get abox saying that there are connections available but that it is not connected.

In Manage Wireless Coonnections I have the account (connection) that I set up originally with WEP security and the appropriate password, but in network Connections I have 4 icons: Local Area Network (no cable connected); Wide Bandwidth connection (disconnected); Wireless connection 2 , Lan Wireless 802.11n (not connected); Wireless Connection 3 (Not connected)

I expect I want Wireless 2 but cannot see how to get it connected, unless it is supposed to connect automatically. I have unplugged and plugged back in the power of the router to no avail.




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Make sure the wireless adapter is turned on so it can connect.

Check the Network and Sharing Center. If there is no connection, you may be able to click on the red x and start a trouble shooter.


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Sorry if I am talking down to you on this, but on most Laptops there is a switch or push button on the front. From a cold , power off, start, this normally has to be turned on every time to engage the wireless adapter. (It will show an amber light on the front edge of the laptop)


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Thank you Salgrass and RAK
Yes, it seemed the wireless adapter was not turned on. However, in Hardware ecerything was fine.

This is a very simple computer made for schoolchildren in Portugal and I could not find any buttons to turn on the adapter. Eventually, after a couple of hours of trying everything, sitting next to the router, the computer detected the router andall seems to be fine now, but I wonder how do you force the system to look for connections.




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Once you have setup (customised) the router with your network name etc, it should not be neccessary. The OS will automatically connect. But, unfortunately, some laptop designers, Acer for example, have decided that the d**ned button must be manually operated, by default, every time, from a cold boot.

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