Windows 7 Non Transparent Windows

Steven Luppino

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Ive had a problem when installing full glass themes in the past with the pop out window in programs remaining non transparent or not taking the full glass effect of the theme. Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it so it goes transparent like the rest of the theme? And there is the scrollbar that you cant see most the times, could you change its appearance?


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Have you tried using an Aero-Theme? Those are the best, however, they do like to take over your entire desktop so you have to really want the glass transparency thing.



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Sorry, no. Usually scroll bars in any desktop theme or aero-theme I've seen do not allow modification of that sort unless you install a 3rd party application to do so. And, if you do this make sure to research it using something like Norton-Safe prior to downloading and installing as many 3rd party apps on the Internet today carry a secret payload of spyware viruses.