NOOB win7 requirements question

sorry guys I'm sure this question gets asked a lot; but I currently have a custom build rig. 1gb of ram 1.6GHz sempron processor and a 64bit vid card that is in a agp slot.

would the 32-bit version of win7 run stabley on my pc?
I know I meet the min requirements but ultimately I asking will this set up run smoothly.
I don't want to install the RC only to have to immediately have to go back to XP

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. ;)

You should be fine to run Windows 7 on your system my friend.. The best way to know is to try.. ;) Yes it should run smoothly with your setup.. I've got it running on 4 different pc's and one has lower specs than yours and it runs alot smoother than I expected.. That's the shear beauty of Windows 7.. :)

I'd recommend you backup all your personal files prior to installing just in case.. And perhaps the best way to do it in your case would be to create a new partition (if you have the space that is) and install the RC on there just in case it doesn't work as smooth as you want it to.. That way you still have your main OS to fall back on..

ok great here is an Idea...
in my Pc I have two Hard drives one with my XP installed the other I don't use for anything other than extra storage. it is 30GB could I install the RC to that drive while keeping XP on the other drive the just chose which I want to boot to?

Yes, you got it! :) That would most likely be the best way to go about it.. ;)

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