Windows 10 Not able to connect to an external wireless display nor able to project to my pc.

Anshul Joshi

New Member
Aug 21, 2022
A few months back I tried to cast my android phone to my laptop using the built-in app in my phone and the 'connect' app on windows 10 and everything was working fine. Still, now if I am trying to do the same thing my laptop is not being detected as a wireless display neither I am able to connect(cast) my laptop to another device like a smart tv or another laptop. I tried the same thing with my brother's laptop and everything is working fine, I am able to cast my phone to the laptop and able to cast that laptop on smart tv, whenever I try this I always get this message on top "couldn't connect to your device try to reconnect through the action center". I think all these problems happened after a few series of updates from windows. Basically, all connection requests on my local network inbound or outbound are being rejected. But the FTP server created on my android phone is the only thing that seems to be working fine, I can create an FTP server and browse files by visiting the FTP network location. I need to fix this issue because I connect(cast) my office laptop to my personal laptop so as to use it as a second display.
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