Windows 8 Not Displaying Wireless Networks in Networks Charm

John Dion

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My Lenovo y580 is connected to my wireless network but no other wireless ever show up in the Networks Charm. My wireless network that I am connected is not displayed either. This does not allow me to pick up any new networks when I leave my home. I have tried a lot of basic things but nothing seems to work. HELP!!

As I said in my initial statment. There are no wireless networks displayed. I know of three networks that should be displayed. The Networks banner does not show Airplane Mode or hidden networks lines. Only no networks available and a trouble shooting line which does no good. The networks banner does not even show the network that I am connect to. How ever the icon in the settings banner identifys the network correctily with the signal strength indicator. I can not find how the settings that unmask the available wireless networks.
The Networks banner displays none of the items listed in the video. It says no networks available and trouble shooting line. I knoe that there is three networks viewable in the area ( my two windows 7 sysems see them). I can see in the setting banner that my network is avialable and the siganl strenth indicator is at full strength. Also I can see it in my networks and sharring window.
Windows 8 and is about 5 weeks old. I never noticed this issue until a week ago when I took it to a friends home and tried to connect to their open network. I could not see it. But thought I had some setting incorrect. To date I can not find what is wrong.
Did you install windows 8 as and upgrade over top windows 7? According to the Lenovo specs, it says it ships with both OS's. Just for shit's and grins I installed my old Netgear N150 on my desktop and check it out. I had no problems showing my hidden network as well as all the others that are broadcasting their SSID's.

As you can see it picked mine up with no problems. Which brings me back to my original question. Did you upgrade windows 7 to windows 8? Or did your laptop came preinstalled with windows 8?

Screenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).png
Have you checked for the latest updated wireless driver for your laptop? You could also try rebooting your router. If that doesn't work you can reset your router to factory defaults. The steps involved depends on brand of router, which will also require resetting your wireless security settings back up.
My laptop works with my router. I just can not see it on my networks panel or any other potential networks so I can not use my laptop on public or other private wireless networks.
Have you tried the suggested methods for reboot/resetting your router? Sometimes the network stack becomes corrupted and needs to be reset.

I leaning heavily that your router is the culprit, since your able to access your network but you say you just cant see it. Is your network hidden...meaning the SSID broadcast signal has been turned off?

Can you post some screen shots of networks panel of windows 8?

Worst case scenario, your windows files has become corrupted and needs to be reapaired. You can try running "sfc /scannow" with out the quotes in a command prompt window. If there are in files missing or corrupt, this will find them and attempt to fix them.

You could try the windows Fixit center and see if that does anything for you.

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Router and laptop have been rebooted mutiple times. That is not nthe problem. The SSID is not tuened off. I can not see three other routers that are in range and are not hidden. My other laptops that are running windows 7 can see them. The networks panel only states "No Connections Available" and the next line is "TroubleShoot".