Windows 7 Not recognizing RAM


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May 17, 2009
Hi guys,
First post. I just updated my memory from 2.5gb (2x1gb 1x512mb) to 4 gbs (2x2gb) of RAM. Oddly after doing the update, my BIOS recognizes it as 4gb but windows 7 still thinks i have 2.5gb. Ubuntu recognizes that I have 4gb of ram also. Im currently running windows 7 64bit. Any help on how to update it would be appreciated.
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Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums... ;)

Not to worry, as long as your BIOS is recognizing the full 4GB's you should be good to go.. Windows 7 addresse's/distributes memory a little bit differently then Windows XP and Vista.. that is why it's only showing up as 2.5GB's.. ;) Meaning there's really nothing to "fix" persay.. The memory is there, it's just being used by other components.. (ei: video card, sound card, etc..)..

If you open the start menu and type the following: msinfo32 Then hit enter, a report will come back and you will see exactly how your memory is distributed.. ;) If on this screen it does not say that you have a total of 4GB's "Installed Physical Memory" then there may be a problem.. but from what you said it sounds like windows 7 is just doing what it's programmed to do.. :)
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lol, I'm running 7100 and system properties shows I have no ram installed, it's just blank. :(
I guess some leet computer haxors have stolen my ram.:eek:
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