Notebook cpu upgrade


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Jul 1, 2010
Hi, I have the Samsung R505 (NP-R505-FA02UK) which runs on the QL-62 CPU. That CPU has now failed me due to a broken cooler which caused it to over heat. Anyways, i have a identical spare which works fine but what i would like to know is, what other CPU's will work for my laptop. I've never really done much with laptops as i do with desktops as i normally use & abuse until they break & sell for spares & move on.

I have found some QL-60,62,65 & 67 cpu's. but will they all work as long as they are part of the QL family & socket 1.

Googled to my hearts content to find a cpu compatibility list that this notebook supports but nothing comes up.

Any help would be great.

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