Nothing in music app collection

In my music app there 's no music, i 've added folders with music in the music library folder but nothing! It used to be okay i think! Its frustrating to have this app and no music in it to choose! Does it have anything to do with Network & sharing?

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I don't use the music app, but if you are interested in an option I've used WinAmp for years and it works great.
I like to set it to show random designs on the screen while it's playing the music that change in relation to the music being played.


I just want to figure out whats the problem! i have programs that can play music, i just need to know what is wrong..

Thanks for the intrest though!

Do i have to wright my problem somewhere else? Is anybody here gonna give me a solution?


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I don't normally run the Music App either, but I do have an iTunes connection. So to see what would happen, I opened it and it came up showing some pictures in the screen where you seem to show nothing. It then scanned my system and added all the iTunes music.

If no content comes up when you open the app, I suppose it may not be able to connect to the net or it may be having a problem. But you do have music on your system and when you try to add it what happens?

Do your other apps work OK? Are you receiving Windows updates OK? The app does appear to be related to the xBox utility, although I don't have one of those. I do see a place where it mentions signing up for an xBox profile, so mine might be working because I have not opened it before. Possibly after a period of time, it requires you to sign up to use, but just guessing. You might see if you can sign up for an xBox profile.

I installed the latest updates, connected to with a microsoft account, included them in the library but still nothing!
It used to be okay and i used to play my music on this app... but one day it simply stopped! There is nothing in my collection and i dont know why...


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Your Music does show up in the Windows Media Player? Is it any type of special type of music file?

I am attaching a picture of my App. I use a local account login and the picture was taken with the Network Adapter disabled so I was not online at the time. It appears I am showing options you are not showing. If this is the case, the app may be corrupted. I have not checked into uninstalling and reinstalling that particular app, but I might later if you have not already done so.


I tried to uninstall the app didnt know how! it wasnt on the Uninstall programs (control panel) found out it was on the start menu, uninstalled it, installed it again and seems to be okay...! Thanks for the tip and for the help!


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Glad you got it working again. Maybe if it happens again, you will catch what actually caused the situation....

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