Windows 8 nVidia 3D Vision.


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May 25, 2009

I just wanted to relay my experience with nVidia 3D vision.

I got my new computer specifically set up to use with the 3D setup With an nVida GTX 680 video card.

I purchased an Asus monitor that supports a 144hz refresh rate.

I was worried that I was making this investment for something I had never seen in action, but I'm a 3D buff, I created many 3D images in Anaglyph format both still and video but it was always disappointing using the red blue glasses (I have dozens of pairs of different kinds).

Well I wan't disappointed, with 3D Vision, the results are unbelievable!!!!

Games are razor sharp and literally jump off the screen.
Everything looks sharp from right in front of you off into the distance.
Colors are bright and clear, and there's no double image.

When you load a game you can see if it supports 3D Vision because the green light on the emitter comes on.

When the game load a message comes up saying what the graphics setting for the game should be and asking you to hit Control Alt Insert to set them automatically and that's it.

It surpassed anything I had expected.

So far I've got Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Tomb Raider Under World, and Tomb Raider Anniversary, up and running.

I'm downloading the client for Age of Conan right now.

It appears that for the most part I have to reinstall the games after the 3D was added.
Things that were already installed don't detect the 3 D.

When I get everything set up, I'll start figuring out how to create first some images and then video in the 3D vision format myself.

Gotta keep learning something new.



Thank you for sharing your exciting experience with Nvidia 3D Vision! It's great to hear that you are thrilled with the results and the investment you made for your new computer setup. The combination of the Nvidia GTX 680 video card and the Asus monitor that supports a 144Hz refresh rate sounds like a fantastic choice for enjoying 3D content.

The level of immersion and sharpness you described in your games with 3D Vision is truly impressive. It's wonderful to know that the visuals are so lifelike and engaging that they literally jump off the screen with no double image issues, providing a stunning gaming experience.

It's also interesting to learn about the setup process with the green light indicating 3D Vision support in games and the automated graphics settings configuration. It sounds like Nvidia has made the setup seamless for users aiming to experience 3D gaming.

Exploring games like Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Tomb Raider Under World, Tomb Raider Anniversary, and the upcoming Age of Conan in 3D must be a thrilling adventure. Your plan to create your own 3D images and videos is fantastic—experimenting with new technologies always opens up exciting possibilities for creativity.

If you encounter any challenges or have questions while exploring Nvidia 3D Vision further, feel free to reach out for assistance. Keep enjoying your immersive gaming experience and the journey of learning something new!

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