Nvidia announces the Titan X


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wait 3 months to see a real review and get the bugs out but yes it should start another G-card war... thanks for the heads up.


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So the rumours were true.. @ $1200 a pop I think I'll wait.. :D


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wish I could afford one, but oh well. It's either gonna be a RX 480 8GB or a GTX 1060 6GB for me.


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It look interesting, I've always run a single video card that gets the job done but at that price you can buy a decent gaming computer!

How would that compare with running multiple cards?

My 4 year old Falcon Northwest Talon, with 1 GTX 680 video card will still run pretty much anything at max settings and get 60 Fps.

And it will do almost as well running in Stereo.

I guess that it all depends on how fanatical you are, but one good card seems to do the job for me, I'm do to get a new computer at the end of the year, and I'd like to go to something above 1920 by 1080 this time, though I'm not sure that I want to go to 4K at this point.

I've read things that say that it's very hard to get things to run well in 4K with the current technology.

I'm also wondering about an ultra wide monitor, I've checked the games that I'm running now and I'm not sure any of them support that high a resolution.

I suppose that it will be nice in the future, but I'm 78, I can't plan too far ahead. LOL

I might be better off just going to a 30" monitor and the corresponding higher res?

I guess it's time to start doing the research, I always spend a few months making up my mind about how I'm going to configure my computer.


Great! I can't wait to get it :)

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