nvidia geforce 9800 gtx + problems

hi all

i have read many posts on the internet and also on windows7forums but can't find any solution for my problem

my problem :

when i tried to install windows 7 it gives a lot of trouble , during the "completing installation" part , windows didn't finish the installation , i left my computer for more than 12 hours and when i came the installation wasn't finished.

so i searched allot on the internet and found a solution , i had to disable my video card , during the installation i pressed shift + f10 and the device management showed up , disabled my video card en windows completed the installation.

but now when i try to install the newest drivers for my video card , windows reboot, it shows the windows flag and then the screen turns black. if i go into safe mode and uninstall the drivers windows starts up correctly.

windows 7 update wants to install standard drivers for my video card , when i do this my computer reboots and i get a black screen.

i have tried different drivers from the nvidia site but none of them work correct.

any solutions ?


os : windows 7 home premium
processor : intel e8400
video card : nvidia geforce 9800 gtx +
motherboard : asus p5n-d


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maybe had there been a onboard vga that had not been disabled in bios prior to installing the addon 9800 GPU I could understand that advice, but there doesnt seem to be on the specs for that board. As far as drivers go, never use the windows update ones unless as a last resort, the ones on the Nvidia site will always be better, just make sure you install using right click admin mode so they work correctly. Also the mobo seems to be SLI model, try the other pcie slot see if that makes any difference.

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i have tried what you said but it doesn't make any sense

i installed the latest drivers from the nvidia site ( 260.99 ) reboot my computer and i get a black screen for a while and then i get a cursor.
so i have delete the drivers again. then Windows installed standard drivers , and now i have disabled my video card in device management (again).


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have you a nearby mate who could test the GPU for you?

i have tried to test my GPU with GPU-Z but there nothing changes by GPU clock etc
and stopping the automatich driver installation isn't a problem because i have to disable the video card so Windows won't update automatically

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