Windows 10 Occasionally a long delay at the login screen


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Occasionally when I try to log in, there's a long delay before I can type in the password. By long delay, I mean 3-5 minutes. During this delay, the login screen is completely unresponsive. I can't click on anything on the screen. The keyboard appears to be responsive - caps lock/num lock lights go on and off.

After about 3-5 minutes it suddenly starts working and I can type in my password at which point everything appears to work normally. I haven't found any pattern to when this happens or doesn't happen.

Yes...i too have got that a few days now. Mine takes 1-2 minutes until i can put my pin/password in. Before, it was instant soon as the lockscreen comes on. I wonder if it's because of the Win10 upgrade...? It's never happened to me before & just started happening now. Anyone else getting this lag in lock-screen page ?


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yeah this didnt happen until after installing windows 10. Although, i also switched over to using a windows live login instead of just my local login. I don't remember if it happened before switching to my live login. And yes, my internet connection was working each time this happened. I don't think you need a net connection to login anyhow, at least not every time. I think it caches the login info

I have the same problem on a medion laptop, and I think it's only after I tried to put the system in "sleep".
Awaked from "sleep", it looses it's touchpad, so I have to add a mouse in usb, and then it takes ages before I can type password on log in screen.
After rebooting it works again very smooth.

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