Windows 7 ODBC Drivers for 64bit


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May 13, 2009
I tried to install sidexis (X-Ray program) wich uses an access database on a server. The installing program could not reach the connected drive (network). This way I installed the database locally and tried to point it to the one on the server. it was not possible because the odbc drivers are not installed. One can install a sql driver but no odbc driver for access.
Does anyone know anything about this?
greets, Dirk
I know they are installed by default on the 32-bit version, not sure about 64-bit.

Do a search for odbc* and see if you locate the file named odbcad32.exe and execute that file.

Under drivers tab, they should be located here
I found it odbcad32.exe. It's under \system32 and it works.
If you try to access it via "systemsteuerung" one probably ends up with the 64bit version, which won't work.
Anyway I was able to reconfigurate the database access for that 10 year old software.
greets Dirk
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