Windows 7 IBM DB2 ODBC Client Installation


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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to install the ODBC
drivers for v9.1 on a new Windows 7, 64bit, IBM Levono laptop for a client. I have been
able to do the install and make the connection on other Windows 7 machines with
no problems. This new laptop is a problem! I can launch the install software and
select install new instance. When the procedure starts, the Windows Installer
screen appears and the procedure hangs. I worked for several hours with the firm
who's database we are trying to access. They finally gave up. Almost to the
point of setting the machine back to factory specs and start all over. What am I
missing? (As you probably can guess, I'm new to the db2 arena...)

for the help!

Looks like user privilege issue to me.
Have you tried using other account with admin rights?
jaydeee, thanks for the come back! Yes, I tried with 3 accounts, the user, myself and admin. All three w/admin rights. I finally gave up and reset the op system, reinstalled Win7 upgrade and tried it again. Worked like a charm.
Thanks for the idea's everyone! I appreciate it! Guess we can call this one closed but not solved.... Thanks again. boss1b