OEM Windows 7 64bit for system builds only......QUESTION?


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I am new to this site, first post.

I have a PC that currently has windows XP Pro 32 bit installed. I wish to upgrade this system to Windows 7 64bit. Can you help with the following please:

1) How can i check if this PC will support windows 7 64bit?
2) I purchased a windows 7 64 bit home premium edition for system builds only, so will I be able to use this to perform a clean install if my PC supports 64 bit?

Thanks very much for the help.

You can tell if a system hardware is 64-bit capable by looking at its cpu specs, if the cpu supports em64t/amdx64 instructions, the system is capable then.

As for "system builders" - yes you can install, not sure about its EULA though, not sure if you are actually supposed to do that as a retail consumer:

Is it OK to use OEM Windows on your own PC? Don't ask Microsoft | ZDNet

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Thanks, how can i find where the 64bit info is listed. Under system properties there is nothing regarding 64bit??

Device manager -> CPU, what does it say exactly? What is your CPU model?


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cpu says: dual core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 175 (there are 2 of these)


If it say's it's for sytem builders, It's for system builders. If you're not one or aren't building a new Computer, then don't use it. If you do you are breaking the EULA terms. you can activate it once but if you reformat or change the mobo, It might be hard to activate it again as you have to phone microsoft and if you can't prove to them you are a PC builder them you are stuffed. So if I was you, buy a retail version.

Firecracker is being a little too paranoid. You CAN use the OEM version with no issues whatsoever. Since you are "building" your computer, you are the "system builder".

However if you do change the motherboard or hard drive, you will have to activate it again. Just tell MS tech support you had a lightning strike or power surge and had to replace the board or whatever.

If you keep the same hardware, you can reinstall up to 10 times with no issues at all. Don't worry about it you'll be fine. I have done this for several friends and clients with no problems.

Use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and it will tell you what is compatible with your system. Click to download it and run it: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft is gonna work out, that telling them that you had a lightning strike and had to replace the mobo and whatever ect is a lie. They proberly work that one out already by other doing the samething. They will tell you that you can't lie strait in bed. I've done this all before at work. Just get a retail version.

I would like to add on to this question since it deals with the same topic.

Has anyone tried to clone a disk (to be a backup disk only) using the OEM windows 7 64 bit for system builders only?

I would think there should be no problems. I never build a system without also building a virgin backup drive and a 3rd drive that stays cloned to the main drive. And no, I don't raid 1 mirror. I manually do backups. I find it safer to backup something I know is safe instead of having the software automagically updating a drive that has something not so nice on it. Yes I know it is more time consuming.

thanks for your time

Do you want to make a backup disk or make another Copy the windows 7 Install disk?

Hi Firecracker,

Just for a backup.

I am just trying to decide if I should get the system builders version or the standard upgrade version. I am rebuilding my system from scratch (except the case and p.s.) and migrating from XP to Win 7. I just want to be able to have a backup drive ready to connect if an accident happens.

You can purchase and use an OEM as long as replace a piece of of computer hardware, my local shop sells OEM versions but you are required to purchase a piece of hardware (such ans a MB Screw for .05 cents) but remember if you ever replace in the future the MB or CPU after you initially install the OEM it will require a new License as an OEM is linked to the MB and CPU it is currently installed on. So in short yes you can install the OEM

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