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I have a Avery word docx template for 14 labels per A4 sheet. The template has 14 cells on the page & each cell is 38.1mm Hight & 98.1 Wide. I noticed when printing the images on the labels gradually shift up the page & overlap. I printed the cells with outlines on a plain A4 & measured the widths & the table is printing cells at 36.1 hight & not 38.1. I've tried manually doing this making 1 cell only & still the cell prints 36.1 & not 38.1 hight.

Aven Avery's own software fails to print exactly in the labels.



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A couple of things to check before getting into the weeds:

Do the template margins fit within the print border of the printer?
On the printer properties, is it set to fit the page?

What type of printer are you using?

Try this test: print to a PDF driver that saves the output as a PDF file. Open the PDF and see if it reflects the same problem. That will tell you whether the problem is happening within Word.


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I've had some mess with this. I finally ended with Open Office Draw where I made the correct areas = size x size including text. Open Office Draw is like MS Power Point. This goes for visit cards, and such.

The templates don't seem to work... probably printer maker's software is better, or Windows' default.

In case you're doing posting = marketing, there is probably software available - as long as you don't practice spam, I will not have anything to do with that.



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the cell prints 36.1 & not 38.1
It may just be coincidence, but the ratio is exactly the same as trying to fit an A4 template onto letter sized paper. Check whether there is a print setting somewhere set to letter size.